Drake VS. Lil Wayne Bring The Fight To San Diego (REVIEW.)

Lil Wayne Chula AmphitheaterDrake VS. Lil’ Wayne: Saturday night, I attended the Chula Vista Amphitheater not knowing what entirely to expect, while thinking if the traffic on the way to the theater was an omen of things to come, what would this evening turn out to be. Sandwiched between cars, with the windows rolled down, I heard a myriad of Drake & Lil Wayne songs as various cars passed. Each tune more braggadocios than the last, I wondered what I had gotten myself into, and TRUST, I am a huge fan of both artists, and I respect the Cash Money label.

Drake vs. Lil Wayne San DiegoOnce we got inside and the show began it told us to to download the Capcom sponsored “Drake VS. Lil Wayne” where we were told to button mash deciding which artist would be the first to come out! DRAKE or LIL WAYNE, “TAKE YOUR PICK!” Lil Wayne graced the stage first performing hits “I’m Goin’ In” “John (If I Die Today)” & More. He closed out his three song set, and chatted with the crowd for bit.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetLil Wayne was shown some true love, but it was nothing compared to the moment Drake stepped out and performed “Trophies” & “We Made It”. Drake is a great performer who slowed down the tempo of each of his songs to truly annunciate the words for performance. Drake is theatrical, he glides across the stage and truly loves the art of performing. He likes the transitions, his beats, his raps, and of course ‘pleasing the ladies’ with the hits.

Once he left, Mr. Carter came back and performed “Mr. Carter”, “Money on my Mind, and I totally went ape shit crazy when tracks from No Ceilings came on. The Swag Surfing (freestyle) is an all time favorite rap of Lil Wayne. With a discography, feature list, and hits as long as Lil Wayne’s, it’s a little hard to perform enough song from various stages of your career to truly please all the fans that may be there from his “Bling Bling” days all the way to present, the 15 year olds who just heard “Believe Me” and ask shit like

“Have you ever heard of Lil Wayne? That guy is good!”

Drake Chula Amphitheater - 2The two rappers traded the stage for a solid 30 minutes before Drake took hold, slowing the tempo and the night gliding over the crowd calling everyone out.

Drake rode over the whole crowd thanking personal fans out and thanking them for coming, as he serenaded the ladies. I personally looked for the sound proof booth marked “MEN ONLY” that the dudes would go into while Drake stayed behind to get your lady in the mood. It was amazing though, and Drake was truly grateful for his fans supporting with merchandise while knowing the words along with extra thanks for them coming out.

Drake glided over the crowd like a superhero seriously focused on saving all the hoes across the nation! After the 10 minute Keith Sweat breakdown, Lil Wayne came out and threw jabs at Drake saying

“There goes Drizzy on the stripper pole.” – Lil Wayne

Then Lil Wayne went into his hit “How To Love” with an acoustic backdrop, it was enjoyable, that had the fellas and ladies rocking. Then into “Mrs. Officer”, Lollipop, & finished with “Love Me.”

Drake & Lil Wayne finally did a battle off the moment we were all waiting for both artist took turns fumbling through their hits, features, and hooks. Lil Wayne was the true MVP of the night though, and when the Capcom sponsored win was awarded it was crowd upon Weezy F. Baby’s head and the crowd went crazy.

Drake Chula Amphitheater - 1The show was enjoyable and honestly melted my brain, I felt inspired, euphoric, and with a true feeling that Drake & Lil Wayne respect each others as friends, artists, and as men.

If you get the chance to catch these guys on the road…DON’T MISS IT!