Unravel the ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Mystery

If you make a wrong turn in Los Feliz, CA you can find yourself very confused and in the middle of a Starbucks, but it’s NOT a Starbucks because it’s quote ‘dumb.’ Megan Adams, spokesperson for Starbucks said that this apparently ‘isn’t‘ a Starbucks. She said […]

Believe It or Not, There’s Beer for Dogs

Oregon-based brewery company Dawg Grog, has a product that gives man’s best friend some suds to guzzle down as well. Don’t worry because It’s a nutritious drink for your dog, made from brewers wort and malted barley water from Bend, Oregon-based Boneyard Brewery. Other ingredients include […]

Coming Soon: Short Cut Symbol for “the”

Think about it, we use “the” all the time, you can find this word in more than 80 percent of all written paragraphs. Unfortunately, “the” has never been recognized for its impressive usage, until now! Introducing a revolutionary “the” symbol, it’s the next step in […]

Landlord Whips Tenant for Late Payments!

Ron Kronenberger, 53, of Waynesville, Ohio, has been accused of whipping a tenant with a belt on his ‘bare buttocks’ for falling behind on his rent. Kronenberger, was charged with assault for the incident that occurred on January 22nd in his office. Police in the […]

“The Joker” Tortures Applebee’s

A green wig, white face paint, and the same menacing grin Heath Ledger wore in “The Dark Knight”, was the look Aaron Chase, 24 decided to wear out dining out on Sunday. Aaron sat at the bar in an Applebee’s in Chautauqua County, drunk and […]