Apple Hits 52-Week High Sales Rebound

Apple is skyrocketing with market sales of $575. The stock price for the company has certainly boosted by a stock buyback program, Apple took roughly 5% percent of its shares off the market since late 2012. The investors have been maintained by Apple’s new product […]

Twitter’s Going Public…But WTF Does That Mean?

Social media is officially going public with Twitter taking IPO status in a hunt to raise $1 billion via public offering.  Twitter has chosen TWTR as its ticker symbol but hasn’t specified whether it will trade on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market when it finally opens. […]

Zipcar Acquired By Avis for $500 Million!

The car-sharing service has proven to be a lucrative business model, and Avis is cashing in on this by buying Zipcar for $491.2 million, while aiming to capture a new type of customer and technology that will vastly expand its car rental options. Carsharing has […]