Composing Images Like Akira Kurosawa (VIDEO.)

Filmmaking has challenged auteur to visually tell a story with more than just dialouge. Japanese legend Akira Kurosawa was truly one of the greatest to ever touch a camera. With a filmography that spans boasts such legendary films as Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Ran and more. Film aficionado […]

You’ve Never Seen Sea Photography Like This Before!

The moment before an ocean wave can be metaphorical of life, beauty before the crash. It’s enlightening to see it captured so meticulously by photographer Ray Collins. The eye behind these breathtaking photos, with humble beginnings of taking photos of his surfers friends, found his talent […]

An Intrinsic Conversation With ADillaTheGENIUS

Amber Joseph aka ADillaTheGENIUS is a San Diego based creative, someone with whom I’ve had the opportunity to craft an editorial with. ADillaTheGENIUS is an original in every sense of the word creating art in many forms (photography, digital art, collage, etc.) I had the chance to chat with […]

Director Larry Clark Showcases New Art Series + Shoe

Legendary indie innovator and film director Larry Clark (KIDS) releases a collab project with shoe designer Eugène Riconneaus, entitled “New Work”.  The expansive art venture expresses itself as an photography art series as well as an limited edition skate shoe, announced this week in Paris. ‘Young Users 2000′”, […]


Director Nabil known for his awe-inspiring videos (Frank Ocean’s Swim Good, James Blunt’s Life Round Here, Etc.) The visionary tackled a short film inspired by the words of the late Nelson Mandela, and the song ‘Capture Land’ by Jamaican artist Chronixx. Captureland was shot in early November […]

Shop Broke Bitch Debuts Their First (COMMERCIAL.)

Our good friends at online unisex shop BROKEBITCH.COM along with fellow bloggers Labeling Men have teamed up to bring you an exclusive commercial. The commercial with the theme of light airiness, showcase the black and white pieces contrast within the shop. The garments highlighted by the “Unisex Fit” […]