Dresses of Princess Diana Sell For One Millie in Auction!

The memories Princess Diana mesmerized most people with her charm and elegant beauty and even though she is far on the other side, many people commemorate her life with a public auction of her sophisticated dresses.  Last Tuesday, announcement came out that the top 10 dresses of the late Princess Diana were in Kerry Taylor’s place in Bermondsey, South East London for public auction.  This auction must probably due for a cause, since Princess D is best known of her charitable works across the globe.  Lady Diana’s dresses had been in an auction before which facilitated by her son William months before her death in 1997.  Dozens of dresses auctioned but unfortunately, only a few were sold due to extremely high priced.  Well, it is different this time around where Diana’s dresses earned more than 1 million dollars in general after the auction sale.

The highest bid belongs with Lady Diana’s navy blue Victor Edelstein in which she wore during the gala dinner at the White house in 1987 when she was reportedly caught dancing with the Hollywood actor John Travolta.  The dress was sold for three hundred thousand dollars.  Other dresses that caught some of the private bidder’s interest are the long and puffed sleeves Catherine Walker gown, which she wore in an event in Austria, 1989, was sold for $135,999.  Another Catherine Walker gown worn showing her back tone and shoulders during the occasion of Vanity Fair Versailles, Paris around 1997, also sold worth $163,198.80.

The auction went out pretty well; all 10 dresses were sold out.  Luckily, for the organizers all went out as plan as part of the funds accumulated from the event given to charitable institutions supported by the Lady Diana’s families and relatives.