A Cozmik Convo With Mr. MFN eXquire (INTERVIEW.)

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Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, what can you say about a man who calls himself that? He’s an open book, who’s quick to drop nugget after nugget of knowledge on a plethora of topics. He is also a man with a bit of an image problem. Even today, an image search for the artist will yield photos of him with his trademark gold teeth and several beaded necklaces, even though he has “retired” the flamboyant accessories months ago. His current look, which is simply the man he is, is often overshadowed by his former, more extravagant look. Almost to the point of it being an alter ego. During our conversation we covered tons of topics ranging from stigma’s attached to his image– religion, his discography as an artist, and much more. One thing I learned from my short encounter with Mr. eXquire is he’s not faking, what you see is what you get. The question is though ‘What is it you’re seeing?’

FS: I loved Kismet as a project, and it felt like a ‘return-to-form’ if you will. What was done differently about Kismet compared to your last few projects?

MME: I don’t know, I don’t really agree. When I did ‘Kismet’ I kinda just slapped it together, honestly. Not saying I don’t care about my work, but a lot of the songs on Kismet were leftover from ‘Power & Passion.’ I wasn’t really focused when I made that. “Merry eX Mas Suck My D*CK!” and “Lost In Translation” are the only two projects that I actually conceived from beginning to end; every other project that I’ve released are from songs I had laying around, songs that didn’t make the cut.

FS: You’re a complex artist. You have a really big persona, and whenever I try to introduce people to your music you have this stigma of being an artist who makes ‘drinking’ or ‘party’ music. How do you think you’re perceived?

MME: How is that when I don’t really have any songs about drinking? I mean, I had one song about drinking?

FS: Yeah, ‘HUZZAH’  

MME: And that ain’t even about drinking. I don’t even make party songs like that. It’s a weird stigma, because it’s an incorrect stigma based on one song. I hate that song. I did that shit in 09’, I mean it’s 2013. I was touring on that song, and hitting open mics four years ago. It’s different now, I don’t wanna perform that anymore. I mean, you wanna wear clothes you wore four year ago?

FS: Nope.

MME: I don’t worry about shit like that, because people are stupid. There was a time in my life where that really used to bother me, a lot. I rap about drinking and I don’t. People just go off of the first thing they see, and they just figure you rap about shit you don’t rap about.

FS: Now with that in mind, will there be a conscious effort on your end to change that stigma?

MME: No. I don’t really have a conscience, I do what I wanna do. That shit will MAKE me go create forty songs about drinking, just to say ‘FUCK YOU!’

FS: You can tell from your music that you give all of yourself to your art. There are different emotions on each song. One track you’re lusting after women, another is a personal track, but all of it is ‘YOU.’ Is that an intentional thought process or just how you feel at those moments when you create? 

MME: I don’t know about “on purpose.” I don’t know artists who do shit on purpose. I kind of feel like you get your ideas based off your life. Whatever is happening that’s just what it’s going to be. We’re all men, nobody is one thing. Nobody wakes up and is just one thing, all the time. Unless you fake, but as human beings we go through phases.  One day you in love, the next day you screwing hoes. One day you got a job, the next day you don’t. One day you’ve got money, the next you broke. That’s life, and that’s just what I’m about, life.


FS: What’s next for Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire?

MME: Next up is Kismet Blue, with five additional songs, some videos, and soon after I’m going to do one more mixtape and then an album. I have another moniker, so I’m going to do a record under that name.

FS: Wow have you ever done that before? What can we expect from this new moniker? Maybe singing?

MME: No, I sound the same, it just has a different vibe and energy. It just wasn’t eXquire, so be on the look out for that.

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