WZRD Album Review.

The self title album WZRD consisting of band mates (KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius) are crafting their own sound. I feel like the group were hired to score a movie, and when the movie was shelved they said “FUCK IT! Let’s release it anyways.” It vividly paints a image of a movie. Maybe this movie was about an alien who crash landed to Earth, and is learning about the human experience for the first time. (KUDO if you can name this stupid ass movie)

Maybe the film is about a 14 year old kid who experiments with drugs for the first time, and how he’s coping through his first really trippy acid adventure. I DON’T KNOW, but I can tell you the sound they’ve carved out is definitely can be classified as “CINEMATICAL“. JOHN WILLIAMS! Watch your ass bro.

The song that totally broke my repeat button was “Teleport 2 ME, Jamie” it has so much heart, and the feeling of longing, with a subtle hint of everyone’s most vulnerable fear; being forgotten. “I think the subject matter of missing someone so bad that they appear, in front of you. Is something a lot of people can relate to.” Say KiD CuDi. I personally am one of those people whose wished for teleportation. (I mean damn, Steve Urkel invented a teleportation device, and sent the Winslow family to France.)

Lyrically the simplistic, yet so meaningful song makes it a problem for anyone that’s NOT WZRD. With such beautiful poetry as:

The moment when I realize it’s all in my mind/The moment I hear you the most”

To me this is the epitome of the song. It’s that longing to be with your loved one so much, that you want that instantaneous love, that teleportation love.

A song that makes me feel serious melancholy is “Efflictom” KiD CuDi sings woefully

“What would you do if you found out from your friends/ That I was dead??”

I feel like KiD CuDi has a fixation with death, and he has so much effect on people’s lives. I hope he turns his focus on more important than his impending death. His art consistently flirts with the idea of death, or dying, or killing the “old” cudi. With him physically murdering himself in “Mr. Rager”  the brilliant ode to Korean classic film “Oldboy” .

I just want to experience WZRD, and Kid Cudi solo album for years to come. He also puts on a helluva concert, so check him out if he comes through your town, until then rock out with “WZRD” click the word to purchase the album.

Until check out the track list below, and click it to buy the album: