The Wolf of Wall Street The Short F**KING STORY!

wolf on wall street screenI was lucky enough to catch Martin Scorsese’s newest film The Wolf of Wall Street last week, and all I can say is: It was fuckin’ fantastic. I’d even say it was a true slice of Americana, if that didn’t sound too stuffy. The devious and extravagant life of Jordan Belfort is presented in what appears to be the most entertaining way possible, and I mean that. Every scene is fast paced, yet keeps you engaged; The cast works amazingly well together, especially the DiCaprio and Hill combo; and most importantly, everything you see and hear in this film reeks of style and a certain sense of authenticity. While debatable, I would argue that it was the language used in the film that helped to give it its robust flavor. Though excessive, “fuck” and all of its wonderful variations are in full use, which Leo’s character forewarns the audience of in the opening act. And for all those movie-goers out there wondering, “Well, how many ‘fucks’ could there have been in this fine film?” Worry not, because the great people over on the Youtube channel, Slacktory have got you covered with their compilation The Wolf of Wall Street: The F’ing Short Version. It is relatively spoiler free, so…