Welcome To Fairfax (PILOT PREMIERE.)

Welcome To Fairfax SeriesGo inside of Fairfax Ave, a street run by the youth of Los Angeles, many brands headquartered and birthed on the block i.e.:Diamond Supply CO., Peas & Carrots, Odd Future, just to name a few.  The reality-doc “Welcome to Fairfax” is a new series on Pivot TV that takes a behind-the-scenes look, seen through the eyes of the young visionaries who inhabit it. A do-it-yourself code powers everyone, while collaborations across music, fashion, art, and action sports unite the creators as they build their own brands and images. Regardless of the path they take, though, the hustle always starts on Fairfax.

A’s Fairfax Avenue is a mecca of cutting edge fashion designers, skateboarders and musicians. In the premiere episode of ‘Welcome to Fairfax,’ streetwear designer Mizzle; rappers Julian, Hawaii and Corey; and newly transplanted Tori, all from “The Block” are all reaching towards the future.

‘Welcome To Fairfax’ premieres Friday, October 17th at 10 e/p, only on Pivot TV.