The Weekend Pilots Bring Back Leg Warmers In ‘You Need More!’ (MUSIC VIDEO.)


the weekend pilotsFINALLY an anthem I can get behind ‘You Need More’ created by The Weekend Pilots, is that COCAINE induced single that we’ve all known has needed to be made, yet everyone keeps forgetting to book the studio session. The fun video was baptized in the 80′s featuring leg warmers, aerobics classes, lesbians kissing AND cut off shirts, watch the visuals and if you’re digging the song…Which we know you are, you need to download it for FREE here.

  • Henry H

    Seems like a lot of misogynistic knock-offs and tropes in a video made for ten year old boys. Snore…

    • Mike Minneman

      Not a fan of the ladies, are ya trebek?