VFX Artists Remake ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Intro.

Ghost In The ShellIf you’ve ever seen the classic anime film Ghost in the Shell, a striking sequence that still rings strong is the opening sequence of a female cyborg being born.  A team of professional 30 plus VFX artists collabed to recreate the beautiful shots from the GitS opening.

Graphic designer Ash Thorp has worked on Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men: First Class and Person of Interest, but this was a pure labor of love.

“I originally wanted this to be just a fun side project to create with some friends on my free time over a time span of a month, if that,” Thorp tells The Verge. “But as we opened up the opportunities it got bigger and more complicated as the team grew.”

Stream it below, and watch out for the nips, cyborgs weren’t born without clothes.