Tim Tebow Trademarks Tebowing!

Pro football star Tim Tebow successfully trademarked “Tebowing” and his name as well. For those who don’t remember, Tebowing is the act of getting down on one knee just like Tim Tebow and praying. Tebow made the act famous during his college years as a player and continued the act once he went pro. Last year a big explosion of Tebowing spread through out the nation, everyone was doing it, it was the “Dougie” of sports gestures. Robert Downey Jr. did it at the oscars, and it reared it’s head in many places in pop culture, (*True Story ALERT.) Friend of mine got wasted Tebowed as a joke and ended up proposing to his girlfriend on one knee. He started the day as a boyfriend, did a little black out drinking, and woke up a fiancée. Friends don’t let friends TEBOW! ESPN’s Jane McManus had this to say on the topic when she reported.

You gotta respect the Tim and the fact he’s protecting his name and keeping people from “quick-bucking” his name!