The Internet Debut ‘FEEL GOOD’ (Tracklist. + Artwork.)

feel goodAfter releasing the visuals for “Dontcha” a few days ago, The Internet made the song available for purchase on iTunes, as well as making the rest of Feel Good available to pre-order.  The Internet have set the music world ablaze this past week with their smooth-as-silk single ‘Dontcha’ available for purchase on iTunes.  They continue the building of the buzz by dropping the tracklist to their forthcoming album, Feel Good. Features on this album include Yuna, Tay Walker, Jesse Boykins III, and recent tour mate Mac Miller, we’ll just have to wait until September 24th to hear what The Internet has been cooking up in the studio.

Track list:

  1. Tellem (Intro)
  2. Sunset (feat. Yuna)
  3. Dont’cha
  4. You Don’t Even Know (feat. Tay Walker)
  5. Pupil | The Patience
  6. Red Balloon
  7. Cloud Of Our Own
  8. Runnin’ (feat. Tay Walker)
  9. Matt’s Apartment
  10. Shadow Dance
  11. Wanders Of The Mind (feat. Mac Miller)
  12. Partners In Crime Part Two
  13. Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III)