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The Wolf of Wall Street The Short F**KING STORY!

The Wolf of Wall Street The Short F**KING STORY!

I was lucky enough to catch Martin Scorsese’s newest film The Wolf of Wall Street last week, and all I can say is: It was fuckin’ fantastic. I’d even say it was a true slice of Americana, if that didn’t sound too stuffy. The devious and extravagant life of Jordan Belfort is presented in what...
U.S. Government Targets Jordan Belfort's Pay from 'Wolf of Wall Street'

U.S. Government Targets Jordan Belfort’s Pay from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Justice Department officials are targeting monies paid to Jordan Belfort in connection with the recent autobiographical hit “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Susan Harrigan, a retired Newsday reporter said that she worked freelance on a story for CNN about The Wolf of Wall Street money and she wished to know whether Belfort’s profits from the...
Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' Garners HARD "R" Rating

Scorsese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Garners HARD “R” Rating

To say that Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street has had a few bumps along the way would be a serious understatement, with post production issues stifling the many release dates of the film. Now the Scorsese has clinched a ‘R’ rating and avoided the dreaded ‘NC-17’ rating by trimming nudity and sex scenes. The...