The artwork below seems to be a statement on child labour in the U.K. It has yet to be confirmed, but the styling of the stencil, and thought provoking art makes it more than likely to be the work of Banksy. It appeared in the UK on […]

Banksy Art Finds Home In Detroit.

In May 2010, artists from Detroit’s 555 Gallery took a street art painting from one of Detroit’s most famous industrial ruins, the blighted Packard auto-plant site, to protect the painting, wall and all from scavengers or demolition.  They have kept it hidden ever since.  The […]

“Silent World” – Photography Collection

Photography team Lucie and Simon comes a series of photographs showing what the world would be like if it wasn’t populated by humans. It’s a pretty great collection of jaw dropping snapshots. An upcoming exhibition at FoMu, Museum of Photography  in Antwerpen, Belgium is scheduled […]