Apple Hits 52-Week High Sales Rebound

Apple is skyrocketing with market sales of $575. The stock price for the company has certainly boosted by a stock buyback program, Apple took roughly 5% percent of its shares off the market since late 2012. The investors have been maintained by Apple’s new product […]

The iPhone 5S WON’T be Available for Pre-Order

The iPhone 5S will be launching the same date as the iPhone 5C on September 20th 2013. While iPhone 5C is set to go up for pre-order on September 13, iPhone 5S won’t have a pre-order PERIOD. This has lead to speculations that this could […]

Apple iWatch Set To Move 65 Million Units!

Apple is set to ship 65 Million iWatches in the product’s debut year, the tech legends look to bridge the proverbial gap between luxurious watches, and technology. The watch which is being estimated to cost approx. $199 will come equipped with an smart touch scree. These […]

Apple Premiered The IOS 7 & All ITS FEATURES.

Apple pulled the veil on their long speculated iOS 7 operating system. This redesign is being raved upon for its simplicity in design, something that is synonymous with Apple technology. Jony Ives, the company’s senior vice president of Design had this to say on the mindset behind the […]

Blackberry CEO Says iPhone Is Outdated

Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins made a bold statement when he declared Apple’s iPhone to be outdated. The chief executive of Blackberry-maker Research In Motion Ltd. broke the news on Thursday, just a day before Blackberry was supposed to launch their most recent, but delayed touch-screen […]

Blackberry Z10 [TECH PHOTOS.]

Rumors have been on a all-time high about the new Blackberry Z10, photos of sleek sim-card mobile leaked today. The Z10 has a slightly larger screen than the iPhone 5 — if the leaked specs are anything to go by — being 4.2 inches across, […]

Google Maps Triumphant Return to iPhone!

After all of the fuss behind iOS 6’s maps, and the Apple’s removal of Google Maps, users can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their beloved Google Maps has returned to their iOS devices. The official Google Maps application is now available in the […]