Silva Goes SPYDERMODE All Over Bonner’s ASS!

Anderson Silva added yet another notch to his “WORLD’S GREATEST FIGHTER” belt after making season light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar look like a yellow belt taking Karate at his local YMCA. Silva bobbed and weaved every blow Bonnar threw, mocked Stephen’s skills, and knocked him out– all within the first round. The stoppage came at 4:40 in the first round. The fight was short, but sweet, and kinda made you wonder who else can we sacrifice to the Silva MMA Pharaoh? People are shouting Anderson Silva VS. Jon Jones, but honestly he has to protect that light-heavyweight belt, too many people coming for Jones top spot! What are your thoughts, who’s next for Silva?

Bonnar looked mad nervous getting into the cage!

Silva raising hands in VICTORY!