All The Buzz With ‘Nymphomaniac’s’ Berlin Premiere + NSFW CLIP

shia-labeouf-berlin__140209194313-575x409First off, Lars Von Trier himself showed up wearing a Cannes “Persona Non Grata” T-shirt which is an explicit reference to his being banned from the French film festival the 2011 project “Melancholia” played. However, he kept his vow to no longer speak to press by not appearing in the press conference. Without Lars, the “Nymphomaniac” press conference would probably be pretty boring. The actors mostly talked about how emancipating, harmless and sympathetic a Lars Von Trier set was and how thoughtful and attentive the filmmaker was to work with.

Shia LaBeouf on the other hand, said enigmatically,

“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea,”

He then got up and left. Such stunt “stormed out” of the press conference, it appears to be a bit of exaggeration as there was no sign of anger to his words. After the recent plagiarism issues, LaBeouf announced that he was retiring from public life and has often been tweeting “I am no longer famous.” With all the controversy around it this is somehow puzzling whether Shia was stealing again or just being willfully playful and sly.

Below is an EXTREMELY NSFW clip of Nymphomaniac delivering on the goods. SEX, fellatio and nudity– It’s what’s for dinner. The clip is set to Bach’s BWV 639, and is sure to either turn you on or off, the film as of now has no US release, but will premiere in Denmark this coming Christmas.

I don’t know if this controversy is to sell the film, hopefully it is, I just want to see Shia get back on course to making great films again. Remember the golden rule in Hollywood is ‘One for THEM. One for YOURSELF.’

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