Apple iWatch Set To Move 65 Million Units!

Apple_iWatch_release_date_and_specsApple is set to ship 65 Million iWatches in the product’s debut year, the tech legends look to bridge the proverbial gap between luxurious watches, and technology. The watch which is being estimated to cost approx. $199 will come equipped with an smart touch scree. These are all speculation though, as there has been no confirmation if this is indeed just a rumor or am upcoming product from the Apple developers.

The CIMB Securities Limited analyst Wang Wanli theorized the idea that the iWatch will probably launch in the second half of 2014. According to Wanli, a Taiwanese manufacturer called Inventec will produce roughly 60 percent of the orders for Apple’s smart watch while Quanta Computer will produce the remaining 40 percent of iWatch units during its first year of production.