RPG OKCDirector Emily Carmichael‘s latest short has more heart & depth in its 9-minutes than most features and her latest triumph “RPG OKC” reveals this. The short, which is animated and in 8-bit style of the retro games of the 90’s (ala Zelda, Transylvania, Mario) showcases the romantic story of Paul & Paquine, two characters set in different worlds, who fall in love via an internet dating site. What makes the story stand out from the pack, is the benevolence that is built between the couple and as the audience, you grow fond of the two and ultimately root for love to be triumphant over all.

There are many funny and enduring moments in the short, and one of my favorites occurs when Paul cognizes on the fact that as long as he’s been chatting with Paquine he has absolutely no clue what she looks like. When he decides to go to his brother for advice, in true brother fashion, informs him he’s probably talking to a dude. The film is witty and filled with sharp dialogue that plays on pop culture, and although only 9-minutes in length, RPG OKC entertains from beginning to end.