Rob Dyrdek’s The Motivation [TRIBECA REVIEW.]

The Motivation - 1Founder Rob Dyrdek’s birth child ‘Street League‘, allows a birds-eye view into the premiere skateboarding competition showcasing the greatest skaters on the planet, as they scratch and fight for the coveted first place in ‘The Motivation.‘ This feature length documentary covers the creation of the league up to the 2012 championship, and this elite roster of skaters featured in the film are: Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Bastien Salabanzi, Sean Malto, Chaz Ortiz, Chris Cole & many more. Every skater interviewed in the film is a contender to take home the coveted title of best street skateboarder in the world. Director Adam Bhala Lough has crafted a crisp and refreshing documentary that peels back the layers which define who these athletes are and at the same time, welcoming you into their world to experience and hear their trials, tribulations and how they overcome adversity each and every day.

The film breaks each skaters life down to their respective lanes in the industry and in the skate league competition: Nyjah “The Prodigy” Huston, Paul “The Professional” Rodriguez, Chaz “Young Gun” Ortiz, etc. It breaks down what a pressure cooker the industry is, and how endorsement deals, sponsorships and a host of other other things don’t ask you to win, they EXPECT IT!

It grounds each skaters life and smashes it, but it also lifts the veil, and shows you what ‘motivates’ each skater and drives them to succeed in such a competitive field. The third act of the film covers the 2012 championship round and it leaves you anticipating with baited breath as you watch each skater either fail or prevail. The film ultimately is a winner and never loses it’s message or bores throughout, it’s definitely one to watch and shows that it’s within you to truly motivate, and no one else!

The Motivation - 2