Rematch is SUCH a dirty word.

If you ask me what the dirtiest word in MMA is I would have to say ‘rematch’.At least if you’re talking about Frankie ‘ The Sequel’ Edgar. Just kidding, but Frankie does give everyone a second shot which is cool, but this is definitely one sequel I can do without. When considering the dominant nature of Ben Henderson’s win, the next question becomes are rematches even necessary in MMA? I mean I thought the nature and strategy of fighting was to, if possible, learn your opponents weaknesses, eliminate your own in training, and then impose the game plan in the Octagon.

Of course that’s a perfect world scenario, but that’s the gist and there is no shortage of highlight reels or fight footage of either of these fighters. After all was said and done the decision was sound in my eyes. Henderson scored a clear victory, Frankie couldn’t even sweep him after catching kicks that had already damaged, not to mention the countess jabs he ate. Frankies eye bubbled up like headlights on a 90’s C class Mercedes, while Ben’s face continued to uphold his nickname ‘Smooth’. Big ups to the UFC on their new sudden death elimination rounds. I strongly disagree with Ben Henderson’s choice to take another fight with Edgar (not to be a hater I would want a second chance), but lets just move on with it! There are enough divisions locked up for good reasons like GSP knee surgery ( you know he is coming for Carlos Condit’s ass) being that he is a fighter whose wins have never been in question. (Just like ‘Bendo’s’ in this fight!) In the end thank God for sudden death rounds and pray for more knockouts!

Come on guys, let’s stop this title rematch lock up shit before it really gets out of hand, and everyone is asking for one. I don’t know what Frankie’s handing out rematches prior ‘draw’ or not has to do with Ben Henderson, and from an entertainment standpoint I don’t want to be confused cause’ the same fighters are headlining twice every title shot. I also think it’s unfair to Fighters like Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis who are steamrolling guys and getting no where, one more fight my ass do it now! A Frankie Vs. Aldo would have been amazing and I also think Frankie could dominate in the featherweight division if it didn’t work out, and everyone plays Gatekeeper at some point. All that being said, I’m now reinstating school yard rules; from here to eternity if you get the golden belt no rematches, tell him you beat his ass fair and square then talk shit to the next guy! Let’s keep the divisions progressing for the sports sake!!!