Pre-Order Daft Punk’s Forthcoming Album ‘Random Access Memories’

Fans have been itching to get their hands on Daft Punk’s recently announced comeback album entitled ‘Random Access Memories’. The name might sound ‘geeky’ however, the electronic band’s revival got millions frenzied!  This will be the first full-length album for the French Duo since 2005’s ‘Human After All’. The album will see a May 20th and 21st release in the UK and the US respectively.

Random Access Memories is available for pre-order now on the iTunes store. According to reports, the album is going to feature Chic’s guitarist Nile Rodgers, disco producer Giorgio Moroder, and Panda Bear’s Noah Lennox. Although there is no word on the track-listings, the album will feature 13 songs.

How hyped are you for new Daft Punk?