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Rematch is SUCH a dirty word.

If you ask me what the dirtiest word in MMA is I would have to say ‘rematch’.At least if you’re talking about Frankie ‘ The Sequel’ Edgar. Just kidding, but Frankie does give everyone a second shot which is cool, but this is definitely one sequel I can do without. […]


NEXT to Blow: Courtney Anthony.

Faux Society EXCLUSIVE So I started a new segment, where I interview interesting artists via skype. I chose my first interview, because one he’s my friend, and two he’s a really dope rapper, as you’ll soon find out. Courtney Anthony is a New York rapper, with worldly dreams! Check him […]


WZRD Album Review.

The self title album WZRD consisting of band mates (KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius) are crafting their own sound. I feel like the group were hired to score a movie, and when the movie was shelved they said “FUCK IT! Let’s release it anyways.” It vividly paints a image […]