Next to BLOW. – Lochnes

I caught up with the always busy,  and ever vigilant Lochnes to profile for Faux Society’s “Next to BLOW.” One of the reasons I chose Loch and see such tremendous success in his impending future can be summed up in two words–“Work Ethic”.  Another is his ability to step back and analyze where a project “succeeded” or “failed”. Copy the success and disregard the rest. It’s that ability that gives an artist what they crave–“longevity” in this business of show.

With Lochnes’ music I see a progressive and steady growth that is rare. He’s finding his sound, and carving out his own lane, and he’s doing it on his own terms. On April 20, 2012 his upcoming mixtape ” L’amour/L’argent”  (Love/Money) drops, and from some of the recent leaks, it’s sounding like a contemporary classic in the mixtape circuit.

Watch the interview to find out more about him: