NEXT TO BLOW! – Lo Thraxx

I caught up with the Southern lyricist Lo Thraxx — who hails from Arkansas and brings with him that Southern flavor with all of his rhymes. He’s part of Raz Fresco’s collective “The Baker’s Club” and he touched on how he linked up with the Canadian rap ensemble in our interview. Lo Thraxx is a real artist who cares about the music he’s putting out and attaching his name to. As you listen to his music it’s not just monotonous lyrics strung together to rhyme. there is actually thought put into his wordplay and rhyme scheme, for that we recognize him as “Next To Blow!” Read the interview below.

FS:  Who is Lo Thraxx for someone who hasn’t heard your music yet?

LT:  Lo Thraxx is a 21 year old southern rapper, coming from Little Rock, AK and putting on for Bakers Club, bring in new sh*t to the table.

FS:  How did you get your start?

LT:  Music has always been around me,  whether  I was riding in the car, or riding in the elevator it’s always been influencing me. I was at a party, and me & my homies were freestyling, and whenever I did it, it was on another level. They just wanted me to keep doing it, and I was 18 at the time, so I started seriously doing music when I was 18. My influences have been Tupac, Biggie, UGK [Bun B, Pimp C.]

FS:  Swishahouse?

LT:  Hell Yeah! (*Laugh.)

FS:  So how did you link up with the Baker’s Club? Aren’t they based out of Canada, how did that come about?

LT:  Raz Fresco he’s a rapper/ producer, who was 15 at the time I met him, and he came with the idea of making a group called “Bakers Club” and he asked me if I was down, and I was like  OF COURSE! He was the first person I had met from the group, his music went so hard, and I was down. Raz is from Canada, and there’s a couple more people in the group that’s from Canada as well. BriskInTheHouse, Shay, 6th Letter, P. Blackk he’s from Ohio, Dime Don she’s from New York, Chill Will he from like Arizona, we a collective, but we all in different places.

FS: Wow, since you guys are all over the map, has everyone met in person before?

LT:  I’ve met Raz, and P. Blackk but for the most part it’s mainly internet.

FS:  What is it

LT:  I bring that southern sound to the table, my metaphors, just what I talk about, I share what is cool to me. My music is about my lifestyle, being 21 women, weed, and partying, my view and perspective. Just what I see, my point of view.

FS:  How much of your experiences go into your music?

LT:  A lot of it, that’s why it comes so naturally to me, especially when I talk about women, because I ain’t really no relationship type guy, but I love women. I don’t talk about killing people, or selling drugs, I just talk about being a regular guy that’s winning.

FS:  What do you want people to take away from listening to Lo Thraxx?

LT:  It depends on the song, if it’s a freestyle I want them to be blown away by the lyrics, and the thoughts and think “Dang I never thought of it like that!” Anything they can take positive from it, different music, sends different messages. Just send some positive.

FS:  When’s the next project dropping?

LT:  I’m working on my mixtape called The Bold it’s hosted by my homie DJ Discipline,  I’m thinking it’ll be out in either late October or November, so be on the look out for that.

Lo Thraxx

Here’s the latest track from Lo Thraxx (produced by Mike Will Made It )

We also have a stream of Lo’s last mixtape Concrete, available for download now.