“Mr. Porter” Celebrates 100th Edition W/ Elijah Wood

To celebrate the 100th edition of Mr. Porter’s men’s fashion website, the fashion site teams up with Elijah Wood in a 2 1/2 minute promotional video in which he plays a ‘totally jaded’ office worker who wanders into his boss’ office while he’s alone at work, and does what everyone with a boss would like to do; stink up their office by smoking a cigarette and sipping a special bottle of champagne (to your boss only) out of your boss’ beloved trophy. Along with the promo video, Wood shows his finesse at modeling with a photoshoot appearing in design icons Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Paul Smith. In the interview portion of the website, Wood speaks of his love for fashion, and explains that shopping in Japan works for him because its the one place in the world where everything fits him off and on the rack.