Maryland’s GRAM FAM Debuts Two New Tracks From rMell & Miles Meraki

rMell - 2Those Maryland artists coming out of collective Grammy Family are true visionaries. Any true fan of their music one knows you must have to maintain patience, but whenever new music debuts it’s well worth the wait. There’s a certain level of greatness that goes into each of their curated releases that’s truly special, and is rarely seen in hip hop nowadays. In a world filled with countless remixes, free-verses, and freestyles over the new ‘it’ beat, GRAM FAM’s signature sound truly stands apart. Below are two new tracks from rMell & Miles Meraki, introspective creatives who tell tales of their lives, that are relatable. rMell unleashes from the vault a new one-off ‘Stoned Love’ is about a drug induced love, hit the play button below.

def milesMiles jumps behind the boards handling the production and verses on ‘High Definition.’ Hopefully 2014 is the year we get a full project from Mr. Meraki, he’s truly an enigmatic artist who I’d love to hear more from.