Kenzo x Vans Fall 2013 (KICKS.)

kenzo-vans-fall-winter-2013-sneakers-1-630x420Get your own marvelous sneakers from the new Kenzo x Vans Fall 2013 Sneaker Collection, that have now been officially released. There are three visual options in the  Kenzo x Vans collab collection. You can cop the  “Flying Tiger” or “Day Clouds” graphics on Vans Chukka and Slip-on, in respective order. As well as the additional, “Lightning Bolt” graphic comes in two color ways on the Vans Authentic. The awesome sneakers are priced between 90-110 euros or  $120-147 AMERICAN price range, scoop up a pair at the Kenzo online store, while supplies last.

kenzo-vans-fall-winter-2013-sneakers-2-630x420 kenzo-vans-fall-winter-2013-sneakers-3-630x420 kenzo-vans-fall-winter-2013-sneakers-4-630x420 kenzo-vans-fall-winter-2013-sneakers-5-630x420kenzo-vans-fall-winter-2013-sneakers-6-630x420