MOVIES You NEED to see: “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

Lynne Ramsay’s “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is one of the saddest portraits of the American dream I’ve personally ever witnessed on film.  It stars (Tilda Swinton) as the defeated, yet still fighting Eva Khatchadourian (say that 3 times fast) who is mother to adolescent Kevin, played by the creepy yet extremely alluring (Ezra Miller). He’s that mystical bad boy in the film, you know the one in real life that made you say. “I know that’s a knife behind your back….But what KIND of knife?”

The film is told through flashbacks, but I’m ahead of myself.  “What is this movie about?” You ask. Well, my astute reader, I’d love to inform you on that matter. The movie is about a woman who wants, who needs, who would love to LOVE her child, Kevin.  As an outsider looking in- you’d just think,  “Oh, well she’s just a terrible person! And she shouldn’t be a mother, HONEY! Call CPS, I think there’s someone we should inform them of.” But just hold that dial!

Though the more we observe the film, the more the film reveals that this child Kevin is a master manipulator, truly a sociopath. This kid is definitely messed up. Kevin has trouble showing love, and affection. In some of the flashbacks of Kevin as an infant, he coldly preaches to his mother “Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you like it….You’re used to me.”  It’s scenes, and dialogue like this that build you to the crescendo of the film for the last 15 minutes. It slyly drops hints of Kevin’s terrible deed, but just enough to make you scratch your head and continue forth with the film.

When the stuff hits the fan (As my Grandpa who lost his sense of smell used to always say) It hits HARD! It’s leaves you (the viewer) at a loss for words, and Tilda Swinton (the mother) with just one question  “Why?”

Find out what went down. Watch the trailer below.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (Trailer)