4eva N A Day.

The big homie Big K.R.I.T. has blessed the world with his third album. The streets call them mixtapes, but personally I consider any body of work with all original music, (No samples/Or freestyles over a Rick Ross beat) With actual concepts, and hooks is a album to me, but I’m weird like that.

His first two (Krit Wuz Here, and Returnof4eva) are both classics. “KRIT wuz here” is personally an album that is near and dear to my heart, I was going to work and listening a lot of that while pushing through my soul crushing job. What I personally  pulled from the album, was that nothing is forever, and you may not like where your current place in life is, BUT it won’t remain forever.

Returnof4eva was an answer to the sophomore slump, people were questioning if KRIT didn’t have another one in him, and he just put people on hush with that one. It was his ode, and his showcase for why he deems himself that.

His third and I hope final free album. I’d love to purchase his next one from Best Buy, or iTunes next time. I normally don’t complain about getting free music, I just feel like it’s too good to get for free. I want to compensate him for this art he’s creating that I respect so much is all.

K.R.I.T (King Remembered In Time)