iPhone 4S – Apple’s Greatest Hype?

When iPhone 4S launched in October 2011, people were ecstatic to upgrade their iphone 4 to a “iPhone 4S” it’s main draw being the “Siri: The intelligent assistant” a feature that allows you to talk to your iPhone, and it’ll conform to your needs. Recently Frank M. Fazio, who bought his 4S in Brooklyn in November, is part of purported class of people who feel suckered. According to the lawsuit filed last week in federal court in California:

 The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama reports:

“For example,” the suit reads, “in many of Apple’s television advertisements, individuals are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants and even learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs or how to tie a tie.” According to the plaintiff, Frank M. Fazio, the commercials have misled him to buy the iPhone 4S to get Siri but that he has had a lot of trouble using the software. The lawsuit claims that Apple’s advertisements are “fiction.”

The lawsuit, which asks for unspecified damages, says Siri is “at best, a work-in-progress.”

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on pending litigation.

Fazio isn’t the only one having serious complaints about the iPhone 4S either, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went on record with his frustration as well:

“I used to ask Siri, ‘What are the five biggest lakes in California?’ and it would come back with the answer. Now it just misses. It gives me real estate listings. I used to ask, ‘What are the prime numbers greater than 87?’ and it would answer. Now instead of getting prime numbers, I get listings for prime rib, or prime real estate.”

Tonight, I  had personal issues with the iPhone “Siri” feature. When I asked it to take me to the nearest “Apple Store” it made me repeat my request 4 times, it didn’t end up understanding me until I was shouting at the top of my lungs two simple words– “APPLE STORE” then it politely listed out the 4 nearest stores to me.

Users main complaints of Siri’s decreasing awareness Cult of Mac explains:

There were all sorts of questions I could ask Siri when it first launched. For example, I used to be able to ask Siri what the average height of an American male was, and get a correct answer. Now, it tells me the highest mountain, and the male population. I’m no expert, but if Siri could intelligently and correctly answer a question five months ago, and now it can’t, Siri’s gone from beta status to alpha.

All the evidence is pointing to a minor fumble on Apple’s end, with so much evidence from consumers that Siri is somewhat of a marketing failure. Makes you wonder will improved version of “Siri” be incorporated on the iphone 5, or will it be without voice activated features?


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