HBO & Peter Berg Delves Into World of Trophy Kids

state of play‘Son you’re going pro whether you like it or not!’ these are actual words I’ve heard when I used to play youth basketball, not from my dad, but from a teammates dad. Did he go pro..NO, I think he’s a mechanic now or something, I’m off topic but we’ve seen those parents in the stands that take the game just a little too seriously. Now, Peter Berg has partnereed  with HBO to produce an  new sports documentary series titled, STATE OF PLAY. The first documentary of the series, STATE OF PLAY: TROPHY KIDS will take on complex and multi-layered themes in sports, exploring their relationship to our larger society. Watch the engrossing trailer for the series below, and be sure to catch  HBO’s STATE OF PLAY: TROPHY KIDS premiering WEDNESDAY, DEC. 4th exclusively on HBO.