HBO is Bringing Vimeo’s webseries ‘High Maintenance’ To TV Screen Near You!

high maintaineceHBO has just “acquired” Vimeo’s first original series, but what does that mean for an indie creative like you? It means the systematic doors are being knocked down, creatives can now make shows, podcasts, comics from their bedroom, or neighborhood. With the recent success of ‘Broad City’, ‘Children’s Hospital’, ‘Drunk History’, and now Vimeo’s first original series the supremely viral web series called High Maintenance can be added to the list. With the show making the transition onto regular television screens, the middle man ‘gatekeepers’ pants have been pulled down essentially.

Still, it’s interesting to see Vimeo serve as a launchpad for High Maintenance, as Vimeo chief Kerry Trainor puts it:

“The pickup by HBO is incredible validation for the show as well as the global creative community developing and releasing innovative programming directly on Vimeo. The barriers between online and traditional distribution continue to erode and we look forward to continuing to support High Maintenance as well as future projects from Ben and Katja.”

As a creator does the HBO acquisition inspire you to create your own work? Leave your thoughts below.