Hasbro has officially trademarked the smell of your youth: Play-Doh

I have some awful news in the event that you’ve made an aroma that has a sweet, marginally musky, vanilla-like scent, with slight suggestions of cherry, and the regular possess a scent reminiscent of a salted, wheat-based mixture. That is precisely how Hasbro portrays the fragrance of Play-Doh, a scent that a considerable lot of us connect without childhoods, and an odor that the toy producer has authoritatively now trademarked.

Albeit different types of displaying mud originate before Play-Doh by numerous years, the toy, which was made in 1956 and protected in 1965, has turned into the “Kleenex” or “Velcro” of uninspiring blobs of moldable material. Children don’t request to play with dirt, they request to play with Play-Doh, which is most likely one reason Hasbro chose to trademark and secure one of the toy’s conspicuous highlights.

The organization has guaranteed us there are as of now no plans for case now that the trademark is authentic. “Enlisting the famous Play-Doh aroma as a trademark gives Hasbro an entire host of fun and inventive open doors later on, however right now, plans are not at present set,” a Hasbro delegate told Gizmodo. Does this imply Play-Doh-scented aromas not too far off?