Future of Megaupload Data Unknown.

Megaupload, a file hosting website that was once ranked as the 13th most visited website, was seized by the U.S. government in late January of 2012. With the seizure, the government acquired 25 million gigabytes of data and it currently sits on 1,100 powered-down servers stored in a climate-controlled warehouse in Harrisonburg, Va. costing the government $9,000 a day to keep these servers powered. The company that leased the servers to Megaupload, the Dulles, Va.-based  Carpathia Hosting Inc., asked the court for guidance in what it should do.

Just ONE of the servers holding 25 petabytes of data.

Megaupload attorney Ira Rothken has asked U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady to allow all of the interested parties, including Megaupload, six Hollywood studios, and Carpathia Hosting Inc., to figure out a solution that fits everyone’s needs. O’Grady Stated:

“Let’s get together and see if you can’t work it out,”

In today’s hearing the Hollywood trade organization stated that they don’t want Megaupload to have the ability to re-distribute pirated movies, and television shows back to the public.

It seems like there will be a lot of head scratching negotiations regarding the fate of the Megaupload servers, a real discussion seems to the only place to start .



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