FS Catches Up With Naomi Pilgrim (INTERVIEW.)

NaomiHaving influences and origins spanning from Jamaica to Sweden, Barbados & Scandinavia, and beyond; crooner Naomi Pilgrim is an up and coming force in the industry. She made waves throughout the industry recently announcing her triumphant arrival with her debut single, the insanely popular and infectious ‘No Gun’ amassing more than 150k plays since its’ sound cloud release.

After professionally working and performing with artists like Agnes och Christian Falk, and even singing back up for Lykke Li, we can see the beginning of Naomi becoming a big name in the industry. We can’t wait to watch this humble star’s career unfold before our eyes. In our interview below, Naomi opens about who inspires her, experiences with Lykke Li, and so much more.

FS: How has your upbringing influenced your songwriting talents?

NP: It’s always been important to create in my family. I have watched my mother write and paint countless of hours, and I guess that made me see  possibilities the way I do.

FS: In your creative process, what comes first: the lyrics or the melody?

NP: It depends on why I am writing. If it’s something I desperately need to get off my chest, it starts with the lyrics, but if I am just in creation mode it’s both.

FS: Coming up, who were the artists you looked up to, that inspired you to pursue singing?

NP: My vocal coach back in school got throat cancer when she was younger, and one of her greatest fears in that hard time was not to be able to sing again. That story stuck with me, and changed my perspective. Suddenly I felt singing wasn’t just an option but something I needed to do to survive. It’s part of my identity and always has been.

To be specific; I love Solange, Mos Def, Sade, Andy Warhol, and Egon, but I really admire anyone going after their dreams.

FS:  You used to sing back up for Lykke Li. What have you learned from her as an artist that you apply to your live performances?

NP: Feel and love. Just be, but be on point.

FS: As a creative, who do you go to for advice?

NP: My dear friends. They are wise, and have been doing this for a long time.

FS: ‘No Gun’ did big numbers streaming, and being passed around on the internet. Were you surprised by how much people took to the song?

NP: Overwhelmed! Since I haven’t done this before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

FS: What do you want people to take away from your upcoming EP?

NP: Whatever they feel like! (laughs)

FS:  What was your highlight of 2013?

NP: Overcoming some of my fears that stopped me from evolving as a human being, and in that process realizing how much fun those type of challenges can be.