File Sharing Service RAPIDSHARE, Latest To Bite The Dust

rapidshare logoYet another popular file-hosting service has announced their closing their doors for good, with Rapidshare. This past two months has not been kind on the file-sharing community, with Pirate bay being shut down, and yesterday’s news of Kickass Torrent’s visitors losing access after a domain name seizure. It seems the powers that be are cracking down on the internet. RapidShare was once one of the premiere and most popular one-click file-hosting sites when it first launched in 2002, the Swiss based venture doesn’t state a reason for shutting down. One can assume that after losing the majority of its users in recent years after the implementation of tough anti-piracy measures is likely to be connected.

The company has issued a final announcement that it will shut down at the end of March and is recommending that users store their files elsewhere.

RS Closed Announcement


This puts a timestamp on the end of an era, once a prominent file sharing site will be gone forever in just a few weeks. It will now be just a thought of the past with Limewire, Napster, and Megaupload.