Faux Society Presents…Jorge Peniche (Part II)

The reason I broke the interview into two parts was because Jorge was such a forthcoming subject to interview.He had a lot to share both verbally and intellectually. Jorge understands his craft and is continually growing as an artist. Also, in this interview, Jorge explains the role of a brand consultant and what the “Peniche” creative process during a photo-shoot is.

Last, but definitely not least, we are treated to a few of Jorge’s iconic works, showcased on the personal recording studio walls of  one of the most prolific hip hop artists today, Nipsey Hussle.

Once again, thank you Jorge for sharing with Faux Society.

We truly appreciate your art.

Jewel Ben Baller
Rapper Game Getting Tatted
Kendrick Lamar (Left) Skeme (Right)
Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob

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All photos courtesy of ©JORGE PENICHE