Faux Society Presents…Author “Great” $cott McKenzie

Faux Society sat down with motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, and internet icon Scott Mckenzie to talk about his upcoming book “(l)earn” that’ll be dropping summer 2012. He spoke on a plethora of things he’s learned from truly successful people, and things he learned on his “OWN” road to success. These are lessons you won’t learn in “B” school, but lessons that will keep you from wasting energy, money and time.  The words ‘success’ and ‘failure’ will be seen in a whole new light. Embrace these pearls of wisdom from a young man who is headed into the stratosphere! and beyond.

His first book “The Online Diaries of Folklore”  is now available.

Listen to this interview, gleam this information, and allow it to motivate you to dream even bigger!