FAUX SOCIETY PRESENTS…Actress Kelsey Darragh

Kelsey Being Kelsey…Props to photographer Marisa Franco

To have a conversation with Kelsey, first, you HAVE to be on your “P’s” and “Q’s”, and second, you MUST pay attention, because her comedy is quick, fast, and if you miss it–  well that’s just too BAD!  I caught up with the ever-busy, and ever- grinding actress/writer/producer Kelsey Darragh and I’m just calling it like I see it, Kelsey Darragh IS the future! She’s a burgeoning force in the world of comedy that is so filled with curse words, and poop jokes….at least when Kelsey does them they’re funny!

In the interview we talked over what went into creating the viral HIT Sh*t Girlfriends Say”, her upcoming web series ‘Truth Or Darragh’, the awesome feeling of being recognized for your work, and an awesome word of advice to actors thinking of making that move to L.A. We hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making the video.

Below is the viral video “Sh*t Girlfriends Say”

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