Eric Andre’s San Diego Show RECAP Told Through Social Media!

eric andre show liveOkay, so here’s a recap feed of the crazy night that was the ERIC ANDRE LIVE experience, we’d like to take a moment and personally thank the good people at IHEARCOMIX and ERIC ANDRE for making this possible….Without them, we’d never have seen a grown man push his way through a crowd, jump through his desk, curse out the second row audience at the House of Blues  and throw milk into the crowd. The experience can never be duplicated!

After picking up my ticket…

Eric Ticket - 1

It was then I saw the damn crowd was lined up and wrapped around the building – – stretching from 5th all the way to 4th avenue.

eric crowd

I got bored and decided to take a baller-ass selfie.

eric selfie

Instead of taking baller ass-selfies (*viewed above) I really should’ve paid attention to this damn warning. I wore a brand new sweater and stood near the front like an idiot….Luckily there was a short white couple for me to duck behind while milk was freely thrown onto the audience! Thanks white folks!

eric warning

After I finally got in the building, and out of more boredom, I felt compelled to take yet another selfie…This one was with the oh so famous Ray Charles, he had his joke book in hand, and after every selfie we took, he kept saying ‘Let Me See!’ Oh! Ray you jokester you.

eric ray selfie

Hannibal Buress came out and ripped the stage with some new material, he talked about Molly, and Amtrak’s loose gun policy! Dude was hilarious, fucking crowd in the back was hella loud made it hard for a brother to hear! Hannibal made sure they knew how he felt about them though.

eric hannibal

Once Eric Andre was introduced, no less than 19 Eric Andre impersonators (both guys & girls) with fake afros in tilt came marching out and danced on stage for no less than 10 consecutive minutes….Most of them were out of shape, and tired by about the third minute, so you can only imagine how low the energy level was by the 8th minute in.

erics andres

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I felt a hand push me, not soft either more like a charging push, and I turned to see ERIC ANDRE making his triumphant arrival from the back of the crowd. He charged his way onto the stage, screaming with his signature grey suit on, all the while foaming at the mouth…It was epic.

A few minutes in, we were treated to our first guest A-List star George Clooney. (I gotta admit, I got chills when he walked out, I never knew what it meant to be star struck – – until that moment.) George Clooney got on stage and performed an impromptu stand up act where audience members fed him jokes….They were terrible and after about the fourth joke, racism reared its ugly head…The only thing I was surprised about was that it hadn’t turned quicker, to be honest. Still give his set a thumbs up.

eric george

Eric played clips from Season 2, and they were hilarious, one included him as one of those guys who spins the signs on the corner, and we got to witness an average day job go terribly wrong, as only Eric Andre can do.

Then Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead came out and everyone lost their shit! Super fandom.

Norman Reedus

Mid interview, just when we thought it couldn’t get any weirder, it was ‘Doc Chicken‘ time y’all…Needless to say we turn’t up! Below is a 16 second clip of it, we chanted Doc Chicken for a good 2 minutes. Norman kicked the chicken into the audience and some lucky attendee captured it, I got a snapshot of the duo that did.

The show chugged along with the segment ‘Hannibal Buress Eats Different Pretzels And Reviews It‘ with such a vague title, you can only imagine what happened.

hannibal pretzels

The show concluded with a duet between New series Hot Package host Derrick Beckles’ & Eric Andre himself…I don’t remember the song, I just remember the feeling that the song gave me, it made me shudder on the inside.

eric duet

The show ended…The venue was trashed.

Eric Trashed

The guys who caught DOC-CHICKEN…They’re so lucky!

eric doc chickenThe ‘The King’ came out at the end of the show and signed photos and took snaps with fans, this fall only on Adult Swim The Eric Andre Live Season Two is officially on.

eric signs