Elle Varner – Perfectly Imperfect [ALBUM REVIEW.]

Elle Varner is your everyday average conversational lush, and she’s PROUD of it! She’s that girl in the back of the room, you think who’s gorgeous, but she shys away from conversation from fear. Elle comes out of her shell in her utterly engrossing album Perfectly Imperfect. The reason I absolutely love Elle’s refreshingly original, and introspective album is the music isn’t fabricated. You as the listener can just listen and hear the sincerity of her words. This album whether you like her or not is 100% unfiltered ELLE. That’s all anyone can ever ask from an artist is to create something pure.

Miss Varner wrote all songs on the album, including the confessional track So Fly, which opens with the lyrics.

I can’t help being depressed
When I look down at my chest
Oh yes, my chest it might as well be nonexistent
How can I ever compete With 34 double D’s?

When Elle discussed the project she had this to say:

I represent, obviously, young women, but also the idea that we should all love and accept each other as ourselves. I’ve accepted where my music is flawed. There are parts on the album where the note was flat or there was a mistake, but it was so amazing—the emotion was there—so we kept it. That’s my message and my mission: perfectly imperfect.

The album debuts tonight on AMAZON & ITUNES, and will be in stores tomorrow.

STANDOUT TRACKS: So Fly, Refill, I Don’t Care, Sound Proof Room.