Daniel Johnston’s Making A New Short Here’s How You Can Help.

daniel johnstonIf you are unaware who Daniel Johnston is your favorite songwriter probably does, he’s a prolific songwriter/artist who gained considerable notoriety in the last twenty years as an outsider, indie music genius, beginning with his fledgling self-promotion on the streets of Austin, Texas in the early eighties. His outreach of his self promoted debut album ‘Hi, How Are You’ has been cited as major influence on the likes of Kurt Cobain, The Flaming Lips, Johnny Depp, just to name a few. If you REALLY want the backstory a great introduction to his rise and fall is the phenomenal documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston directed by Jeff Feuerzeig.

Mr. Johnston’s back and he’s teaming up with filmmaker Gabriel Sunday to do a new short which Kickstarter describes as a “tale of an aging artist encountering psychedelic dreams, nightmares and characters from his past.” It features an interview with Johnston about his “most prolific and maddening era.”

According to Rolling Stone both songstress Lana Del Rey and rapper Mac Miller have donated funds to the project. He will receive an executive producer credit, an organ that Johnston used on an L.A. tour, an original illustration and a download of the movie soundtrack. He tweeted,

“Me and Lana Del Rey are both executive producers on a movie. That’s tight.”

As of today, the campaign has garnered 329 backers and earned over $41,000, surpassing its goal of $35,000. There are 16 days left in the campaign, and it is still accepting donations. This is exciting to be apart of any new and burgeoning Daniel Johnston movement, head over to their Kickstarter and donate today.