Dana White Is NOT Entertaining Talk of UFC “Fixing Fights”

dana whiteWatch Dana White get all pissed off about as he responds to questions of whether the main event of UFC 162 was fixed. Or as some of my friends call it UFC 162: Silva TOOK THE DIVE! UFC President Dana White ranted at conspiracy theorists and then targeted one of the most respected institutions in sports reporting.

“Who’s going to throw a fight by getting viciously knocked out?” the UFC executive ranted during an appearance on ESPN2’s “Highly Questionable.” “You know how stupid you’d have to be to even think that?”

“Speaking of morons, Sports Illustrated had this group of people together, and they actually – Sports Illustrated! – had this panel saying, ‘Yeah, so I heard over the weekend, this fight might have been fixed.’ First of all, these people looked like they covered tennis – not fighting – and you could tell none of them even watched the fight.”

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