Crysis 3 – FIRST LOOK.

“The greatest city on Earth, now a spawn of ruins.” is the setting for the Crysis 3 the sequel to the 2011 hit first person shooter. Electronic Arts has unveiled a sneak preview of the highly anticipated video game. In the third chapter of the “Crysis” saga has the player assuming the role of series regular “Prophet” and must AGAIN deal with a very hostile New York City. The big difference in the installment of the series is New York has turned into a urban jungle…Literally!

When asked Rasmus Hoejengaard, Crytek’s director of creative development, about the design difficulties Hoejengaard had this to say:

“They really thought hard about the concept of what a rain forest in a city would really mean,” Hoejengaard explains. “Without strong art direction — not to insult any movies — we would have ended up with ‘I Am Legend,’ in which it would have just been New York City, but with a lot of vegetation.”

The trailer below looks really legit, and this first person shooter, looks to have high replay value. We’ll just have to wait and see when the game comes out Spring of April 2013!

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