Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo for the first part of 2014?

hi-res-6973628_crop_northAnthony Pettis put away Benson Henderson in the first round to finally claim his first UFC title via armbar. Henderson squirmed and tried to get unfastened, but he was stuck and after hearing a pop from his arm, he vocally surrenders to referee Herb Dean. Pettis in the post fight interview wasted no time talking his ‘shit’ again.

“Jose Aldo we’ve got some unfinished business,” Anthony Pettis said. “Your belt or my belt.” This was a reply to Joe Rogan’s query when he asked Pettis about his next fight.

Pettis desired the challenge because a fight with Aldo would have been a chance to take on one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.