Comedians Brett Elam And Josh Logan Take On The World in “Old Town”

old townThe dream team is back, as Chicago-based comedians, writers, and improv legends Brett Elam and Joshua Logan have brought their talents together to create an amazing television pilot entitled “Old Town.” The series follows two Chicago cops, two homeless teens, and two alcoholic women as they navigate some of Chicago’s oldest neighborhood.  Darkly comedic, the tone of the show la

The series creators describe it as:

Darkly comedic, the tone of the show lands somewhere between Portlandia and Louie.

Now they’re raising funds for their series, and one of the prizes is you get exclusive access to the pilot! Yipee, check out their IndieGoGo and support these comedic stars.

Remember these are the same comedic geniuses behind the cult web series ‘LIARS.’

Old Town T.V. Pilot – Trailer from Polymyth Productions on Vimeo.