Jonah Hill’s “True Story” (TRAILER.)

Jonah Hill & James Franco reunite onscreen in a mental game of life and death in the film “True Story” based on the relationship between New York Times journalist Michael Finkel and Christian Longo, an FBI Most Wanted List murderer who for years lived outside the […]

Theophilus London – Tribes (MUSIC VIDEO.)

If you haven’t given Theophilus London’s VIBES a listen, lord you are missing out on a truly special project. With the Kanye West overseeing the project London drops a solid album which boldly, and effortlessy blends electronic, rap, soul without stepping out of a creative […]

Loc Soprano – MMB

Lochnes debuts his new sound and alias Loc Sorprano for BBM, his love letter to weed, liquor, fast money, and Dominican women! He lives what he raps as he was recently bagged by narcs right before the debut of his new music video. #FREELOC Let’s get […]

Big Sean – Paradise (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Big Sean brings in the MIGO’s flow and snaps over this WiLL Made-It banger, “Paradise.” He flexes his verbal muscles stating that everything he ever wanted (i.e.: women & that sweet ass RED LAMBO) he materialized through his words and actions. That’s some deep stuff […]

A$AP Rocky – Multiply

A$AP ROCKY makes it loud and clear that FLACKO JODYE SEASON is here, and he’s not taking any prisoners. After a long drought of that PMF, he’s back with MULTIPLY a song that states he hasn’t been given his just due, going so far as to […]