Heems - 'Sometimes' with Hannibal Buress & Eric Andre (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Heems – ‘Sometimes’ with Hannibal Buress & Eric Andre (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Heems releases another banger off of his LP Eat Pray Thug, entitled ‘Sometimes’ and has hilarious visuals to match. In the self-directed videos, HEEMS plays a late-night spiritual guru who sells Eric Andre a dream of becoming white, only to have the idea backfire in his face. With a hilarious cameo from Hannibal Buress and former Das Racist...
Finally A Sneak Peek Into The Second Season of HBO's 'True Detective'

Finally A Sneak Peek Into The Second Season of HBO’s ‘True Detective’

Can it be July already? Last year we saw the runaway success of HBO’s limited series ‘True Detective’ with season 2 on the way, has now been turned into an anthology crime drama. Nic Pizzolatto’s dark and twisted series, which Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson starred in, is moving from the Bayou to the tanning salons...
James Bond has a Dark Secret in Teaser Trailer for 'Spectre'

James Bond has a Dark Secret in Teaser Trailer for ‘Spectre’

Bond is back, as if Skyfall wasn’t crazy enough, we’ve got Sam Mendes helmer back in the saddle for another world trekking adventure. The film deals with the unveiling of a cryptic message from which send Bond onto a mysterious trail that unravels an ominous and powerful organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret...
Director Dan Eckman Presents Trippy Concept Trailer for "THE BOY WHO COULDN’T SLEEP AND NEVER HAD TO"

Director Dan Eckman Presents Trippy Concept Trailer for “THE BOY WHO COULDN’T SLEEP AND NEVER HAD TO”

Filmmakers Dan Eckman, Meggie McFadden and DC Pierson are creating the follow up to their DERRICK COMEDY feature debut, Mystery Team. This go around they’re using DC Pierson’s award winning book, THE BOY WHO COULDN’T SLEEP AND NEVER HAD TO as the source material.  The team have unveiled their proof-of-concept short for the feature film adaptation, in which they are...
Best Coast - California Nights (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Best Coast – California Nights (MUSIC VIDEO.)

There has never been a musical duo so Cali that it hurt, that was until lo-fi infused group Best Coast hit the scene. In the wake of their discography they’ve dropped two great albums in Crazy For You, and sophomore follow up The Only One. Best Coast have unveiled their plans for a third album entitled “California Nights”...
The Northparker (SHORT DOC.)

The Northparker (SHORT DOC.)

San Diego based production company Breadtruck Films brings a insightful glimpse into Northpark, San Diego. The short doc The North Parker follows Architect + Developer Jonathan Segal’s new mixed use building brings together craft beer, street tacos and modern design in the neighborhood that has micro-brews booming in business.
Desillusion Magazine Presents "Beyond the Elementality"

Desillusion Magazine Presents “Beyond the Elementality”

Johnny Schillereff founder of uber successful skateboard brand Element, has more than a thing or two to say. In this insightful short he shares his life, business, and knowledge during this Desillusion Mag exclusive, Beyond the Elementality. As an entrepreneur, he’s set his life on protecting his brand, keeping it culturally relevant, while focusing on their roots in nature inception...
Ryan Gosling's Directorial Debut 'LOST RIVER' (TRAILER.)

Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut ‘LOST RIVER’ (TRAILER.)

Rumblings have been a brewing, ever since critics ripped Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “Lost River” at Cannes Film Festival in 2014.  The actor turned director spoke on how “Drive” director Nicholas Winding Refn inspired him, and you can visually see the parallels in their work. Whether it be the ambient score, or visually striking images. “Lost River”...
OverDoz.'s - Rich White Friends (MUSIC VIDEO.)

OverDoz.’s – Rich White Friends (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Overdoz release their latest visual “Rich White Friends,” and the 7-minute short will leave you jaw on the floor. At first it seems like another fun party music video, but its turn finds use having fun while lightly touching on racial issues bubbling in America. Overdoz spoke on the inspiration for the visual below: “Overall, the...
Robb Bank$ – 2Phoneshawty (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Robb Bank$ – 2Phoneshawty (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Robb Bank$ is BACK with some new trap sound to flood the streets on the anthem “2Phoneshawty” produced by Nuri. The video which plays with the loading watermark over the lo-fi footage was helmed by BONES. For six minutes Banks goes IN giving us a heads up and taste of what’s to come on  upcoming...
Flying Lotus - Coronus, The Terminator (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Flying Lotus – Coronus, The Terminator (MUSIC VIDEO.)

This is something eerie and foreboding  with the new visual from Flying Lotus “Coronus, The Terminator” explores primal theories of what happens when it’s your time to go. The video was helmed by Young Replicant and taken from the acclaimed new album ‘You’re Dead!’
Annapurna Pictures Proves They're The Best RUNNING Studio

Annapurna Pictures Proves They’re The Best RUNNING Studio

When Megan Ellison sought to found production company Annapurna Pictures, she had a truly unique and groundbreaking vision. Below is the studios reel, splicing together a short two and a half minutes of everything they stand for “creating sophisticated, high-quality films that might otherwise be deemed risky by contemporary Hollywood studios.” These are films that...